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Yoga in English

We are glad to announce that yoga classes in English are available in our yoga studio. There are options of private classes for individuals or for small groups of 3-4 people. Yoga sessions are conducted on prior appointment – you just need to call reception administrator and agree upon convenient time.

Instructor – Ksenia Melnyk

Regular yoga practice gives you the ability to know your body better and leads to deep understanding of the harmonious behavior in every sphere of your life that leads to emotional balance, provides physical strengths and mental stability. This can be gained by regular practice within substantial period of time. Each separate yoga session contributes the whole process to get you one step closer to your goal.

Each session involves physical and breathing exercises. The most of attention will be devoted to issues of correct posture, obtaining the ability to move from the center of the body and correct breathing, Basic positions of the body consist of warrior and sun forms. They give one the feeling of harmonious body movements, enable stability and good contact with earth and sky that gives strengths and lightness at the same time.

Ksenia Melnyk.

Personal yoga practice since 2000. Yoga teaching since 2007 – group, private classes and retreats both in Russian and English in Kiev (Ukraine) and Dahab (Egypt).

Spheres of personal researches and interest – yoga, freediving, therapeutic aspects of yoga, water therapy, psychosomatic aspects of yoga, etc.

The main aspects in practice: